Saturday, July 16, 2011

Selena and the Egg Ring

It is said that Selena loved fancy eggs. She collected anything egg shaped. Her fan club president, Yolanda Saldivar must have known about Selena's love for fancy eggs. Yolanda gave Selena a 14 karate gold and diamond ring with an egg on the top. Little did Selena know that the ring was not a sign of friendship, but was a sign that Yolanda was her enemy. We have to be careful of the gifts that we take from other people. We should not take anything from an enemy because they mean to do harm. Sometimes enemies try to get you through the things you love. They try to curse you, and if you accept their gift, you can become a cursed thing like it. Enemies wish evil and hardships upon you because they are jealous. However, Selena did not  know that Yolanda was an enemy at first.

When Selena found out that Yolanda was truly her enemy and was fed up with the things Yolanda was doing, it is said that Selena tried to give the ring back to Yolanda. Then Yolanda shot her. It's funny how Selena held on to that ring. It is said that Selena dropped a lot of things while running from the hotel to the lobby, but when Selena was inside the emergency room, the ring fell from her hand. I believe what was said. Selena loved fancy eggs. She held on tight to the ring wanting to give it back, but Yolanda would not accept it. It was an evil ring. However, Selena did try to give it back. Selena did not do anything deliberately wrong. She may have made some mistakes like we all do. Forgive. I know that God will.

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